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100% of your time with the Doctor of Physical Therapy


based upon skilled evaluation, best evidence, and experiential knowledge


to empower, reinforce, and make you resilient


of pain without the need for drugs.

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You demand a lot from your body to live your best life. Our mission is to keep you doing what you love.

We have spent the last two decades sharpening our knowledge in human movement and performance, musculoskeletal health, and physical rehabilitation to help people like you restore, maintain, and improve your physical capacity. Let us be your movement experts.

We work upstream before injuries happen to make you more resilient, and we address downstream effects from pain or injury to get you moving again.

,helmy approach

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we can evaluate you without a referral. We are trained to screen, diagnose, and treat movement dysfunction and pain non-invasively, so you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary medical tests and procedures. If we determine further medical evaluation is needed, we have a network of medical doctors / specialists who we refer to. Coordinating care can be critical to get things right.

As a young twenty-something it was embarrassing how much pain and difficulty I had with simple activities like getting into the shower, driving a car, or standing at work. Erik met me where I was at and with time, I was able to get back to doing the things I love like riding my bike, hiking, skiing, and weightlifting. Whether you are struggling with chronic pain like I was, recovering from an injury, or want to prevent injury, there is no one I would trust more with my recovery than Erik.  – Stacey G. 

I initially came to Erik as part of a “prehab” treatment prior to hip surgery I’d scheduled. After an evaluation, he said “give me 1 month. If you’re still having the pain in a month, go ahead and do the surgery. If it’s gone, we can talk about holding off”. Seemed like a great plan to me, so we went for it. I canceled the surgery and haven’t considered it even once since.   -David S.

Of all the 10 PTs I’ve seen for my chronic hip pain, Erik has by far been the best!  I can’t recommend Erik’s practice enough!  Erik was excellent at handling my active lifestyle, and creating ways to help me soothe myself when my body flared up. We built up my confidence in my body with tailored strength training programs.  Eventually, I stopped being so worried about moving wrong or sliding back with my recovery.  -Dee B. 

Erik Bies is a 5 star physical therapist. With his extensive knowledge base and keen diagnostic observations, he was able to provide the essential exercises for me to recover from a pinched nerve. Because of the program he provided, I am now pain free. Erik is professional, and his efficient time management, caring support and winning personality made him a delight to work with. -Barbara

My life went from barely being able to play tennis or walk to now playing tennis competitively every day, walking my dog several miles every day and taking vacations where we bike 30 miles a day! In general my pain is much lower and I’m prolonging getting a knee replacement. -Liz H.

One aspect of Erik’s approach that I most appreciate is his ability to identify and clearly explain what the root causes of my pain are, and how therapy and exercises will help.  This helped me feel confident that I was going to get better.  Erik also provided excellent guidance on how to select running shoes, progress my return to running, and increase my training load. -Vic S.